Dinka Pignon


Dinka Pignon is an interdisciplinary media artist working with spatial video installation and performance art. Her experimental practice is characterized by a strong affinity for the phenomenal, liminal, conceptual and minimal. Her work is situated in the field of ‘mixed reality’, operating on the borderline between the real and the virtual. In her installations, large-scale video projections reshape the architecture of the space and create illusionary effects over objects. The installations become virtual environments for performance to take place, often inviting audience participation. Over the last 35 years, Dinka has produced a large body of work that has exhibited world wide. Parallel to her own practice, she has coordinated and curated interdisciplinary art events, festivals, experimental workshops and international art exchange programs. Devoted to artist-run culture, she has spent most of her working life in artist-run centers: 15 years at the Fylkingen for New Music & Intermedia Art in Stockholm and 10 years at VIVO Media Arts Center in Vancouver.

Professional Training

1995/96 The Royal University College for Fine Arts, Stockholm - Digital
Media and Video - University Post-graduate Certificate
1994/95 Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Stockholm
Art Theory - University Education Certificate


2021 Winnipeg Touring Test - video of a video installation
2017 Game Over - video installation
2014 Orchestra of the Uncanny Valley – video installation
2012 Elementals – video installation
2011 Waterwords – video installation
2010 Not Sure – video installation / performance
2009 The Forthcoming Adventures of New Media Baby in the 21st Century – participatory video installation
2007 SLAB – video installation
2005 One River (running) - interactive media installation (with Gotfrit, Newby, Dulic)
Pleroma – participatory video installation / performance
2004 Staircase Encounter - video installation / performance
New Barbarians - video
Jitter Bugs - interactive video installation
2003 Mercury Theatre - video
Video Beds - interactive video installation
Invitation to Disaster: Elementals (stones, water, air) – video installation
DINNER For Corporeal & Radiant Beings – participatory video installation
Growing the Future - documentary video
Preception - video installation / performance
Subception - video installation / performance
2002 Alley for Ears & Eyes - video
2000 Pandora’s Box: A Door Like a Jarr Like the Moon - telebotic video installation
1996 A Cup of Tea - 3D computer animation
Television as 3D Browsing - 3D computer animation
1995 Inside Round - 3D computer animation
1994 Ekeleketeketizismus - video installation
Necessity 3/c - video installation with live music performance by Pi
1992 The House - video installation / performance
Pi - video installation, with live music performance by Pi
Out of Stretch - video installation / performance
1990 DoRR 2 DoRR - video installation / performance
1989 Fake Skies - computer-controlled multiple slide projection with electronic music
Nach Leif - video performance
1988 Break - computer-controlled multiple slide projection with electronic music
1987 55 Lies - participatory installation
1983 Ongoing - computer animation

Exhibitions & Shows

2021, Dec Group exhibition "Presence Absence", Gallery NGVU, Belgrade
2021, Feb Online presentation: https://www.sublimehorizons.ca "A House Made of Dawn"
2017, Aug Video Pool Media Arts Center, Winnipeg, Canada
2014, Sept SWARM, VIVO Media Arts Center, Vancouver BC
2013, June Creature Live Art Festival, Kaunas, Lithuania
2012, May Retrospective exhibition “You Are Invited”, VIVO Media Arts Center, Vancouver
2011, Dec “FunhouseTradeshow: Media Art from Canada”, Fylkingen, Stockholm
2011, Feb “Culture Blast”, Shadbolt Centre for the Arts, Burnaby BC
2010, June “Not Sent Letters”, Biltmore Cabaret, Vancouver BC
2009, May “Women Studies”, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver BC
2007, Apr “Signal & Noise” Festival, VIVO Media Arts Centre, Vancouver BC
2005, Oct "Surrey Seen" 30th anniversary, Surrey Art Gallery, Surrey BC
2004, Oct "That 70's Ho" Performance Art Festival, Western Front, Vancouver BC
2004, Feb "Centre for Disease Control“ Video In Studios, Vancouver BC
2003, Oct LIVE Biennial of Performance Art, Video In Studios, Vancouver BC
2003, Sep SWARM, Video In Studios, Vancouver BC
2003, May “Projet/Projo” Festival, Studio 303 @ MAI, Montreal
2000, Mar “Pandora’s Box”, InterAccess, Toronto ON / Royal College of Fine Arts, Stockholm – interactive telebotic installation
1999, Nov “Lydbilder", Museum for Contemporary Art, Roskilde (Danmark)
1998, Jun "Synthese 98", International Media Art Festival, Bourges (France)
1997, Oct ISCM World Music Days 97, Seoul (Korea)
1997, Jul "Nordic Encounters" Media Art Festival, Music Gallery, Toronto ON
1996, Oct Electronic Music Festival, Unga Atalante, Gothenburg (Sweden)
1996, Oct Progeto Musica 96 Festival, Ackuario Romano, Roma (Italy)
1996, Sep Digital Salon, New York City
1996, Sep ISEA 96 (International Symposium on Electronic Arts), Rotterdam
1996, Jul "Nike", Swedish National Television, art program
1995, Sep Electronic Music Festival XVII, Fylkingen, Stockholm
1994, Oct ISCM World Music Days 94, Fylkingen, Stockholm
1994, Jun "Syntese 94", Media Art Festival, Maisone de la Culture, Bourges (France)
1993, Oct "Fylkingen 60th Anneversary", Museum of Modern Art, Stockholm – group show
1992, Feb "En verklighet... flera", Fylkingen, Stockholm
1991, Sep AVE (Audio Visual Experimental) Festival, Ocean, Arnhem (Holland)
1990, Dec Multiplex Festival, Fylkingen, Stockholm
1989, Sep Bildspel Festival, Fylkingen, Stockholm
1989, Jun "New Art Sweden", WUK, Vienna & SKC, Belgrade (Serbia) – touring show
1988, Sep Berlin - Kulturstadt Europa, Kongreshalle
1987, Mar Fylkingen, Stockholm

Related Artistic Activities

2005–2012 Operations & Education Coordinator, VIVO Media Arts Center, Vancouver BC
2006-2012 Coordinator of the SLAB (Studio Lab), VIVO Media Arts Center, Vancouver BC
2004-07 Exhibition Curator / Producer, New Forms Festival, Vancouver BC
2003-05 Lead Coordinator of the Disasteroids Art Collective, Vancouver BC
2003-04 Interim Program Coordinator - Video In Studios, Vancouver BC
2003-04 Co-coordinator of the Signal & Noise Festival - Video In Studios, Vancouver BC
1998-00 Coordinator of "Canada-Sweden 1999-2000" art exchange program
1999 Festival Coordinator / Curator of the Stockholm Electronic Arts Festival year 0.
1998 Festival Co-coordinator / Curator of the "Nature Is Perverse" Festival, hosted by the Museum of Modern Art and Fylkingen, Stockholm
1988-99 On the Board and Programming Committee of the Fylkingen Society for New Music & Intermedia Art, Stockholm
1988-89 Coordinator of the New Art Sweden touring show, involving 13 artists

Publications & Reviews

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2015 British Columbia Arts Council, Program: Media Arts – Project grant
2013 British Columbia Arts Council, Program: Media Arts – Project grant
2008 British Columbia Arts Council, Program: Visual Arts – Production grant
2004 Canada Council for the Arts, Program: Inter-Arts – Production grant
2003 Canada Council for the Arts, Program: Inter-Arts – Production grant
1994 Swedish National Radio, Program: Visual & Sound Art – Commission of work
1989 Swedish Arts Council, Program: Visual Arts – Production grant
Exhibitions & Events