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  • Diana Domingues, a pioneering artist-engineer, scholar, and researcher from Brazil, has impacted and shaped the landscape of electronic art in Latin America. By bridging the realms of intangible culture and rituals within Latin American native
  • This essay by former research assistant Isabella Iska at the Center for Image Science, is a tribute to the artist, scholar, professor and permanent driven inventor Charles Csuri (1922-2022), who began creating digital artworks in the 1960s. Today
  • ...... Acevedo’s visual music explores the implications of synesthesia...
  • .. The wide spectrum of his research projects includes: media archaeology of Latin America, 3D-modelling of Photogrammetry technology and data-translation into digital media ..
  • Lin Pey Chwen’s oeuvre extends from sculpture to interactive digital installations. Over the course of more than twenty years, her work encompasses a unique approach to media art and technology exploring a critical understanding of contemporary
  • .. making visible that which is not before our eyes, that which is not directly evident nor exposed to the view ..
  • Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss, renowned German art collective and professors, have made significant contributions to the realm of digital media art and interactive installations. Pioneers in the field, they have not only created immersive