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  • Another Voice - WE -
    ...Event: Another Voice - WEInstitution: Shanghai Art MuseumComment:
  • ...Event: Institute for Living VoiceInstitution: Institute for Living VoiceComment:
  • ...Event: Relational Architecture: 'Voz Alta' (Loud Voice).Institution: International Congress of AestheticsComment:
  • Works by: Judith Barry, Joseph Beuys, Christian Boltanski, Marcel Broodthaers, Carlfriedrich Claus, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Gustav Deutsch, VALIE EXPORT, Asta Gröting, Pierre Huyghe, Zachary Lieberman and Golan Levin, Katarina Matiasek / Scanner, Tony
  • In Conversation -
    ... Brighton, passers-by encountered an animated mouth projected onto the pavement. Through loudspeakers they could also hear a voice trying to strike up a conversation (the voice was made up of text to speech conversions of messages sent by Internet users to...
  • ... of the complex issues in animal representation: the animal body, the trace of the animal, animal agency, animal presence, animal voice, and the cultural constructions that create our conceptual framework of “animal.” Animal Nature will be framed as a research...
  • ... of narrative elements. For example, at some points in the script the same scenes are played but with different voice-overs. Because of these interchangeable relationships, the recollections of the Bailey, the Dancer, Investigator and Secretary...
  • Haunted Media -
    ... media has consistently been associated with the paranormal. The development of telegraph & wireless allowed users to hear voices from the ether and had the power to disperse body & consciousness across the universe in the same way that the internet is...
  • ...Event: Computer Voices / Speaking MachinesInstitution: Walter Phillips GalleryComment:
  • ...Event: Voices of Hope: The Story of Radio Free Europe and Radio LibertyInstitution: Hoover Institution, Stanford UniversityComment: