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  • ...Portrait on the Fly – Video Portraits ©2015, Laurent Mignonneau and Christa Sommerer represented by: DAM Galerie Berlin, Galerie Charlot Paris GPL contemporary Vienna This is an ongoing digital archive which consists of short video sequences where the moving portraits...
  • 2002/03 tangible communication device "Mobile Feelings" is an artistic project that explores the ambivalence of sharing personal information with an anonymous audience. Instead of communication via voice or images to people we know, "Mobile
  • "MIC Exploration Space" shall be used for the communication between participants through images and extended integration of real-time interaction in virtual space. The place functions as a new form of integration space, where real-time
  • Phototropy - video
    "Phototropy" is a biological expression describing the force, that keeps organisms or organs, like for example bacteria or plants, following the light, in order to get nutrition and hence, to survive. The interactive computer installation
  • Tangible Biofeedback Communication Device Users at the Ars Electronica are provided with specially equipped "Mobile Feelings" phone devices that resemble organic or bodily shapes. These devices host miniature bio-sensors and actuators that capture
  • ... Centre for Culture, Laznia Center for Contemporary Art Gdansk, and Ludwig Museum Budapest, 2011, pp. 81-84. [3] Christa Sommerer and Laurent Mignonneau, HAZE Express, In: Ars Electronica'99 - Cyberarts99, Vienna/New York: Springer Verlag, 1999, pp....
  • The project “Magic Eye-Dissolving Borders” is based on the dichotomy between a positivistic participatory communication artwork and the awareness that communication per se can be superfluous and vain. “Magic Eye-Dissolving Borders” aims to challenge
  • In the installation "Industrial Evolution," users can interact with historic images from the time of the Industrial Revolution. Images of factories, mines, assembly lines, production facilities and related administration facilities show the
  • The Value of Art are interactive paintings dealing with the economy of attention and value creation in the art world. When we look at prices of artworks at auctions, they often seem incomprehensible. Competing art collectors betting against each
  • HAZE Express - video
    HAZE Express is an interactive computer installation that develops the metaphor of traveling and watching landscapes passing by through the window of vehicles such as trains, cars and air planes. When looking at a landscape at high speed, one does