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  • Mobile Feelings -
    ... touch, a gentle breeze and some humidity, which all feel like a "virtual embrace" from the remote user in Paris. (Christa SOMMERER & Laurent MIGNONNEAU)
  • "MIC Exploration Space" shall be used for the communication between participants through images and extended integration of real-time interaction in virtual space. The place functions as a new form of integration space, where real-time
  • IKI-IKI Phone is a multi-user, networked Artificial Life (= Alife) art game for the I-mode mobile phones. In this sys- tem, subscribed users can create Artificial Life creatures (= IKI-IKI pets), interact with these pets, feed them, take care
  • Tangible Biofeedback Communication Device Users at the Ars Electronica are provided with specially equipped "Mobile Feelings" phone devices that resemble organic or bodily shapes. These devices host miniature bio-sensors and actuators that capture
  • ... new water garden images as their composition reflects the visitors' amount of interaction with the real plants. Christa Sommerer is an internationally renowned media artist working in the field of interactive computer installation. She currently holds...
  • ...Christa Sommerer & Laurent Mignoneau - Lifewriter (2006)
  • ... of the observer to produce continuously changing three dimensional abstract and organic growing forms. © 2005, Christa SOMMERER & Laurent MIGNONNEAU
  • ...Escape © 2012, Laurent MIGNONNEAU & Christa SOMMERER developed for The View Contemporary Art Space Swizerland The installation "Escape" deals with the issue of flight attempt. It was originally developed as site specific installation in the civilian airraid shelter in...
  • ... The project was developed for a military shelter from the cold war in the area of Salenstein, Switzerland as part of Sommerer and Mignonneau’s solo show at the The View Contemporary Art Space. Visitors to the wet and humid cave received the EXCAVATE...
  • 2002/03 tangible communication device "Mobile Feelings" is an artistic project that explores the ambivalence of sharing personal information with an anonymous audience. Instead of communication via voice or images to people we know, "Mobile