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  • Life Spacies - video
    ... "Life Spacies" environment at the ICC's museum, where the on-site visitors directly will interact with it. CHRISTA SOMMERER & LAURENT MIGNONNEAU
  • ... the genetic code of the parent creatures and live and interact with the other creatures in "Life SpaciesII." CHRISTA SOMMERER & LAURENT MIGNONNEAU
  • HAZE Express - video
    HAZE Express is an interactive computer installation that develops the metaphor of traveling and watching landscapes passing by through the window of vehicles such as trains, cars and air planes. When looking at a landscape at high speed, one does
  • VERBARIUM - video
    ... the option of clicking any part within the collective image to retrieve messages sent earlier by other users. CHRISTA SOMMERER & LAURENT MIGNONNEAU
  • PICO_SCAN - video
    PICO_SCAN is an interactive installation that allows users to measure and capture their users various body data and links them to the creation and evolution of artificial life creatures. The PICO_SCAN system consists of 5 PICO_SCANNER interface
  • ... users can control the content of what they are watching through their own decisions, dialogue and interaction. CHRISTA SOMMERER & LAURENT MIGNONNEAU
  • ... Web" presents a novel system for intuitive, immersive and entertaining information creation and retrieval. CHRISTA SOMMERER & LAURENT MIGNONNEAU
  • Nano-Scape - video
    ... This allows us to model simultaneous interaction influences of various users onto an overall collective shape. CHRISTA SOMMERER & LAURENT MIGNONNEAU
  • ... immersion into a constantly changing and dynamic data space, full of unpredictable images, sounds and voices. CHRISTA SOMMERER & LAURENT MIGNONNEAU
  • In the installation "Industrial Evolution," users can interact with historic images from the time of the Industrial Revolution. Images of factories, mines, assembly lines, production facilities and related administration facilities show the