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  • it feels like home -
    “It feels like home” is an online intervention that uses the synthetic space of the browser as a stage to unfold an interactive, performative and generative virtual experience. Experimenting with the notion of time during a pandemic and isolation,
  • Mixed reality installation "COMBATscience Augmented II" is a mixed reality installation that critically reflects on science and its ethical implications, beginning with the gas attacks in World War I and continuing to contemporary research on
  • Mixed-reality installation with live and virtual performers, encountered via the smartphones of the visitors. Real and virtual situations come together, and micro-narratives emerge, based on shifting degrees of presence, traces of daily gestures and
  • Swarming Lounge 2.0 is a mixed-reality performance and installation where visitors come to meet four live performers and nine augmented-reality characters displayed on smartphones. All characters, both real and virtual, are embedded in the
  • acrylic paint on plexiglass, UV light reflector dim: 105 x 180 cm (each, series of 7) Photo by: Boštjan Pucelj, Archive Gallery Krško; DK / Archive KIBLA A series of images on Plexiglas shows a selection of two-dimensional diagrams of skyrmion
  • Mon Ami Bleu, by Fortunat Frölich (music) + Myriam Thyes (animation), 3D HD video, stereoscopic 3D animation, 3D sound, 13:55 Mon Ami Bleu (My Blue Friend) – a multimedia contemplation of a painting. The composer Fortunat Frölich and the video