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  • ...Robert Fischer and Michael LaChance and Alexander Hahn. Alexander Hahn - Electronic Media, 48p. German/English. Kunstreihe, Zürich: Pro...
  • ... something impossible to experience in the physical world. Michael Naimark
  • ... in a Verbum exhibition called IMAGINE Tokyo, curated by Michael Gosney. Ectoplasmic Kitchen v2 is the same image without the...
  • Paris VideoPlan -
    Paris VideoPlan was commissioned by the RATP (Paris Metro) to map the Madeleine district of Paris from the point-of-view of walking down the sidewalk. It was filmed with a stop-frame 35mm camera mounted on an electric cart, filming one frame every 2
  • Elvis -
    ... Art video clip as a teaser for the musical of the same name (directed by Michael Schottenberg/Theater im Kopf) in the Wiener Schauspielhaus.
  • Displacements is an immersive film installation. An archetypal Americana living room was installed in an exhibition space. Then two performers were filmed in the space using a 16mm motion picture camera on a slowly rotating turntable in the room’s
  • ... filming, along with image and sound, on super8 film. Michael Naimark
  • Eyepiece -
    Eyepiece is a 16mm film installation, where an image of a human eye is projected onto a custom-made rear-screen dome, thus become 3D. Eyepiece was originally produced using raw footage of human eyeballs in 1979. In 1983, it was re-filmed for the
  • EZTV Media