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  • ... 1994 showing the project "The Intelligent Mailman" from Michael Bielicky.
  • ... something impossible to experience in the physical world. Michael Naimark
  • Moving Movie - video
    ... the screen, direction and spatiality is maintained. Text: Michael Naimark
  • ... and some attempts at orthoscopic playback were made. Michael Naimark
  • ... in the Karlsruhe region, and this is obvious to observe. Michael Naimark
  • ...Panoramic StudyArtist: Michael NaimarkComment:
  • Be Now Here - video
    ... net cinema can be, it is both a regard and a provocation. Michael Naimark
  • SeeBanff! - video
    ... to browse back and forth, to "move through," the material. Michael Naimark
  • Displacements is an immersive film installation. An archetypal Americana living room was installed in an exhibition space. Then two performers were filmed in the space using a 16mm motion picture camera on a slowly rotating turntable in the room’s
  • "The work series entitled netropolis is an exploration of the way global cities will develop in the future. Of similar magnitude to the impact of the industrial revolution in the late 19th century, it is now computer networks and the information