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  • ...UCBM (You could be me)Artist: Nell TenhaafComment:
  • ...dDNA (d is for dancing)Artist: Nell TenhaafComment:
  • Mediascape - video
    ...MediascapeArtist: Marikki HakolaComment:
  • ... in Passolini's film) or being forced to escape after an earthquake (as in his daughter's dream) will further characterize...
  • Landscape One -
    Four walls of a space are "painted", with video projectors, into a single photo realistic 360º landscape representing a public garden. The space, set in Montreal's Mont-Royal Parc, is being visited by real and virtual characters. If the
  • Die Sprache der Dinge -
    Die Sprache der Dinge is an archive of personal memorabilia presented on a conveyor belt-like 'shelf' on the black monitor screen, and able to be arranged according to numerous objective criteria. Associative spoken texts accompany each
  • Ultima Ratio - video
    ...Ultima RatioArtist: Daniela Alina PleweComment:
  • Decoy -
    ...DecoyArtist: Jane ProphetComment:
  • The Landscape Room -
    ...The Landscape RoomArtist: Jane ProphetComment:
  • Conductor -
    ...ConductorArtist: Jane ProphetComment: