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  • enter project here:artport.whitney.orgscroll down to the bottom of the page to launch the Java Programme.Commissioned by the Whitney Museum
  • ...edhalle Zurich + Swiss federal office of culture BAK and Anke Hoffmann and Andreas Broeckmann and Sibylle Omlin and Yvonne Volkart, ed. Connect - art between media and reality.. Zurich: Verlag für moderne Kunst Nürnberg, 2011.
  • ...Event: Festival Canal Connect / Teatros del canal / "Máquina Orgánica"Institution: The Wrong BiennaleComment:
  • ...Event: Festival Canal Connect / Teatros del canal / "Máquina Orgánica" - Madrid (Spain) / Curator : Charles CarcopinoInstitution: Ars Electronica Linz GmbH & Co KGComment:
  • ... using Triangles. Triangles is a digital/physical construction kit of indentical, flat, plastic triangular pieces. The pieces connect together both physically and digitally with magnetic and conductive connectors. When the pieces connect together, they can...
  • Old News -
    ... photos, which are constantly being updated from various news sources. A variety of technical means are used to emphasize, connect, and expand meanings. The subjects are aging, with the consequent decline and unpredictability of the body, the...
  • GaribaldiMap -
    ... work and its environment. The point of view and the ratio are effective to transform web images into postcards, in order to connect an “old” medium like the postcard to the popular tool of Google.
  • ... block one of the texts with their body is the other text readable within his or her shadow. "Two Origins" attempts to connect disparate planes of experience, inviting people to scan texts that had been folded by history and intolerance.
  • Virtual Lascaux -
    ... brainchild of Benjamin Britton, assistant professor of electronic art at the University of Cincinnati. He was inspired to "connect the past to the future" when, after five years of asking, he was eventually allowed a see the caves for himself. Britton and...
  • Triangles -
    ... is a physical computer interface in the form of a construction kit of identical, flat, plastic triangles. The triangles connect together both physically and digitally with magnetic, conducting connectors. When the pieces contact one another, specific...