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  • Elke Reinhuber's work focuses on decision making processes and counterfactual thoughts in media arts. As a decidophobic in her own life, she explores alternative layers of the here and now with immersive environments and expanded photography.
  • kondition pluriel is an interdisciplinary digital performance group based in Montreal and Vienna, formed by Marie-Claude Poulin and Martin Kusch. Since its beginnings in 2000, the collective has focused on exploring the performative possibilities of
  • In this essay, media researcher and developer Tiago Martins provides insight into the development process of the mixed-reality archive AR[t]chive during a large research project. The HoloLens based application enables users to explore archived
  • Lin Pey Chwen’s oeuvre extends from sculpture to interactive digital installations. Over the course of more than twenty years, her work encompasses a unique approach to media art and technology exploring a critical understanding of contemporary