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  • Melbourne is a notably multicultural city because of the size and diversity of its many immigrant communities. Melbourne also has the reputation of being the comedy capital of Australia. PLACE ‚ URBANITY presents fifteen fully panoramic video
  • Points of View was a 'theatre of signs' with both stage and protagonists being provided by a three-dimensional computer graphics simulation that was video projected onto a large screen in front of a seated audience. The action of the work was
  • The audio-visual environment “Web of Life” is formed by an immersive conjunction of projected three-dimensional computer graphic and video images, together with a fully spatialized acoustic experience and a specially conceived architectural
  • In this interactive installation the visual and auditory components of the work were interconnected and closely related. A finely perforated projection screen was visibly divided into sixteen sections. Behind each section was a speaker connected to
  • Golden Calf - video
    This work is constituted by a white pedestal on which there stands an LCD colour monitor connected to computing machinery by a cable running through the pedestal. The viewer of this work picks up and holds this monitor in his hands. The screen shows
  • In this installation images are projected onto a large screen lying flat on the floor of the exhibition space. The spectators stand on a surrounding balcony where a joystick enables any one of them to interactively operate the work by panning in any
  • A video monitor on the floor faces upwards and over its screen there is a transparent container filled with water. At the center of this container is an opening through which a bubble of air can be electronically released causing the water to ripple
  • The installation was made specifically for the neo-Gothic Vleeshal in Middelburg and consisted of a computer graphics video projection onto a large screen at the far end of the room opposite the entrance. Infra-red sensors and seven pairs of blue
  • This new version of The Legible City (1989) encompasses all the experiences offered by the original version, but introduces an important new multi-user functionalty that to a large extent becomes its predominant feature. In the Distributed
  • This work created a collage of fictional events within a museum space by making projected images of the events appear contiguous with the real space and actual situations. The work was constituted by two structural elements: a large projection