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  • Between two sheets of perspex, 32 channels have been woven out of a transparent plastic tubing. Extending approx. 30m, these channels run from the outside of the building, over and through te front entrance, and thenm along the ceiling of the foyer
  • Airground -
    The Airgrounds were a new genre of air structures comprising soft, responsive architectures the public could interact with. At the Brighton Festival a pyramid-shaped inflatable with a transparent outer skin and yellow inner skin, partially inflated
  • Another type of Airground which resembled a large mattress, its upper and lower surfaces held together by interior ties.
  • In this installation at the International Art & Science Exhibition a large, back projected high-resolution monitor was mounted on a motorised turntable. An infra-red joystick controlled the 360-degree rotation of this screen and the synchronous
  • Alpevent -
    In the Alpevent white polythene tubing was slowly inflated inside a somewhat confined space. The people there dragged and wove the tubing around their bodies, but expanding plastic gradually pushed many of them out of the room. A further performance
  • ... from all other angles the sculpture is an abstract form. © Jeffrey Shaw all other angles the sculpture is an abstract form. © Jeffrey Shaw
  • For the exhibition 'Kunst Over de Vloer' artists were invited to create works in the rooms of a private apartment building. Anamorphoses of Memory was located in a sparse and untidy student's bedroom. A monitor was placed on a mattress on the floor
  • A large air-inflated cushion partially filled with air and water, which passers by could play on. The continuously splashing water inside this structure gave the work an idiosyncratic acustic quality.
  • Architext - video
    Large LED alphanumeric units are mounted in a 13 x 9 grid on the stage tower of this theater. Like a conventional news sign textual information is scrolled through these elements, but because the alphanumeric units are spaced far apart, the
  • Artificial Landscapes -
    'Artificial Landscapes' were Land Art projects in the form of a series of photographic collages, a few of which were actually realized: Cloud of Daytime Sky at Night, Water Totems, Sandquake, Grassroll and Brickhill. These projects typically