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  • Sandquake -
    Long lengths of polythene tubing were buried in the sand at a beach in the Camargue in France. This tubing was then slowly inflated so that it gradually rose up and erupted out of the sand.
  • The film Continuous Sound and Image Moments (1966) was projected onto a live performance of professional female mud wrestlers.
  • Black Airground -
    A row of three large parachutes were fixed around their perimeter to the floor and continuously inflated with air. A light bulb above each parachute was the only illumination in the installation, and they were individually activated by the pitch and
  • A large steel ball hangs from four cables and motorized pulleys within the atrium of this building. Connected to the center's computer network, anyone working there can interactively program its movement paths.
  • Staircase
    A sequence of photographs was taken of people using the central staircase in the Stedelijk Museum. This scene was then virtually re-constructed by projecting these images full-scale onto two contiguous projection screens - one hanging vertically on
  • For this installation an augmented-reality apparatus was made where the viewer could rotate and tilt an optical system attached to a monitor, so that various simple computer-generated objects could be seen floating in different locations in the real
  • A large air-inflated cushion partially filled with air and water, which passers by could play on. The continuously splashing water inside this structure gave the work an idiosyncratic acustic quality.
  • Inflatable tubing burst through a wall of brick-printed plastic that covered the shop window. This tubing was then taken into the street and used to signal the boundaries of controversial urban renewal planning in this area.
  • Cube
    An augmented reality apparatus allowed the visitors, when looking through its optical window, to see a rotating computer-generated wire frame cube positioned in the real space of the museum. Further developement of this technology allowed stereo-
  • ... of important media art experts, theorists and artists, such as Jeffrey Shaw, Frieder Nake, Mark Wilson, Hans Dehlinger, Edmond... media art experts, theorists and artists, such as Jeffrey Shaw, Frieder Nake, Mark Wilson, Hans Dehlinger, Edmond Couchot,...