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  • No Thing
    A monumental sculpture proposed for the Schouwburgplein in Rotterdam and constituted by massive letters forming the words NO THING.
  • Teardrop
    A large air-inflated teardrop hung from a crane and proclaimed the theme of the festival as well as the Javaphile performance Tearfall.
  • Rainbow
    A large rainbow coloured inflatable arch from which a fine spray of water fell, creating real rainbows.
  • ... of the narrative during its fifteen-minute exposition. © Jeffrey Shaw the narrative during its fifteen-minute exposition. © Jeffrey Shaw
  • Supertube -
    A high volume of air was blown from below into a long open-ended polythene tube caused it to flap around wildly in the sky. Smoke and confetti could be added to the air stream.
  • Centipede
    An inflatable centipede whose 100 feet were provided for by the people who carried it through the streets. During the Moomba festival it was also floated on the Yarra river in Melbourne.
  • The Dante Cupboard -
    This mixed-media sculpture extended over the gallery floor so that the viewers had to walk over it.
  • Pneu-Written -
    Elements of the MovieMovie (1966) were merged with a performance scenography made by John Lantham.
  • Grassroll -
    An air-inflated tube covered with synthetic grass was placed on a grass field behind the Stendlijk Museum in Amsterdam where passers by could play with it and in whatever way they wished.
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