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  • Monika Fleischmann and Wolfgang Strauss, renowned German art collective and professors, have made significant contributions to the realm of digital media art and interactive installations. Pioneers in the field, they have not only created immersive
  • .. The wide spectrum of his research projects includes: media archaeology of Latin America, 3D-modelling of Photogrammetry technology and data-translation into digital media ..
  • .. interested in the poetry and metaphysics of new technologies. He has created a series of award-winning works that probe the expressive power of new technologies to ask questions about the world ..
  • .. In the context of the 1960’s paradigm of installation he started with expanded cinema, performance and participatory environments..
  • Diana Domingues, a pioneering artist-engineer, scholar, and researcher from Brazil, has impacted and shaped the landscape of electronic art in Latin America. By bridging the realms of intangible culture and rituals within Latin American native