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  • YouTube: time -
    Time in Internet era is a flux of data, instead hands of a clock or sand in a hourglass, beat time is given by the number of informations that we receive and broadcast. Here’s how the characteristic red bar of YouTube becomes a piece of a “digital
  • Tweet Time -
    ... lapse of just a few seconds will... vital. With Tweet Time, which was produced...
  • Time Value -
    With this work Olga Kisseleva offers a perspective on current developments and cost saving in industrial business. Eight interactive electronic clocks are connected in real time on the "n-value" servers from different countries of the world. The
  • Time: color - video
    ... of the current time, gradually modifying...
  • The Refusal of Time - Installation at the Documenta 13, Kassel, Germany.
  • It´s time
    IT'S TIME challenges one of the overarching question that pertains to the post-modern world: the acceleration of time induced by collective behaviors, and the level of frustration it induces on individuals. IT'S TIME aims at investigating several
  • Time Stratum III -
    Toshio Iwai about Time Stratum III: "In this work, in order to achieve a greater scale of 3-dimensional effect, I used 3 acrylic domes to place hundreds of moving shapes. I used 4 computers, one for the real-time performance of music and sending the
  • "Time Jitters" is a two channel video that has been exhibited as a diptych as well as part of an interactive installation. Part 1 is a grid of twenty-five animations all of which loop at different rates becoming a cacophony of pulsing color and
  • ... or is it just a matter of...
  • Statement of the artist Peter Weibel: "I am holding a speech about the end of time. At the same time blood runs out of my arm into a glas canvas, which covers the whole tv-screen ( the camera is located behind the glas canvas and remains static).