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  • Fisher, Scott S.. The Eye in Time: Looking Back InterCommunication 4 (Spring 1993).
  • Sorokina Elena. Moscow time. Paris: CPIF, 2007.
  • ...Another Time, Another Space (1993) is an interactive...
  • Statement of the artist Peter Weibel: "I am holding a speech about the end of time. At the same time blood runs out of my arm into a glas canvas, which covers the whole tv-screen ( the camera is located behind the glas canvas and remains static).
  • Sanchez Cardona, LM. Sounds [That] Are Not. Is there any time left? In Towards a Non-Anthropocentric Ecology: Victoria Vesna and Art in the World of the Anthropocene, edited by Ryszard W. KluszczynskiArt+Science Meetings, Gdańsk: LAZNIA Centre for
  • ... or is it just a matter of...
  • [in time time] -
    [in time time] is an installation involving large digital prints and two new media works: a split-screen video titled [8-bits], and a context aware, interactive installation titled [ping-pong-flow]. The pieces are bound together by their related
  • "Time Jitters" is a two channel video that has been exhibited as a diptych as well as part of an interactive installation. Part 1 is a grid of twenty-five animations all of which loop at different rates becoming a cacophony of pulsing color and
  • Time Stratum III -
    Toshio Iwai about Time Stratum III: "In this work, in order to achieve a greater scale of 3-dimensional effect, I used 3 acrylic domes to place hundreds of moving shapes. I used 4 computers, one for the real-time performance of music and sending the
  • Event: So.So.So., Somebody, Somewhere, Some TimeInstitution: ZKMComment: