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  • Kac, Eduardo. Photonic Webs in Time: The Art of Holography In New Media Technologies, edited by Ross Harley, 123-139. New South Wales, Australia: AFTRS, 1993.
  • "All American: Defining Ourselves in a Time of Change" features 13 contemporary artists, both national and regional artists. All ask that same question.
  • Time Capsule -
    "Time Capsule" is a work-experience that lies somewhere between a local event-installation, a site-specific work in which the site itself is both my body and a remote database, a simulcast on TV and the Web, and interactive webscanning of my body.
  • The Time Traveler -
    The Time TravelerArtist: Lales PetrosComment:
  • Moscow Time -
    Event: Moscow TimeInstitution: CNEAIComment:
  • Time Jitters in here! -
    Event: Time Jitters in here!Institution: Durden and RayComment:
  • ...Event: Time, Forward!Institution: V-A-C...
  • There is still time… Brother is rooted in the recording of a Wooster Group performance developed specifically to be viewed as a projection on a 360-degree screen. The video is revealed by way of a window that scans around the screen, never showing
  • Based on footage of gannets diving for small fish off the coast of Newfoundland. This is the 4th in a series of works that explore patterns of movement over time.
  • Time in Action -
    Event: Time in ActionInstitution: Louvre LensComment: