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  • Time Space Light -
    Event: Time Space LightInstitution: Minerva Art Academy Comment:
  • Event: Time Travel ExhibitionInstitution: Zoom KindermuseumComment:
  • Event: CoMciência: Time CrystalsInstitution: Museum GerdauComment:
  • Time Stratum II -
    Toshio Iwai about Time Stratum II: "In this installation, I placed 120 paper human figures on a motorised spinning disk. Iset up a video monitor above them, while strobing the light down, the paper figures all burst into motion. By using a video
  • "Time to back-up?" stellt den sehr reduzierten zweiten Teil der Biennale-Arbeit "IO_lavoro immateriale" von Knowbotic Research dar, die aus zwei in eine graue Wand eingebauten Lautsprecherpaaren und einem CD-Brenner besteht. Man hört die von
  • ... ephemeral moment, just like a mayfly, they... moment, just like a mayfly, they...
  • Time in between -
    ... moment I have just experienced in Taipei...
  • Video / photo-installation and book depicting self-portraits and neighbour-peeping pictures side by side. (source:
  • Hauser, Jens. It’s Time for a Wetware Update In WETWARE: Art - Agency - Animation, edited by David Familian and Jens Hauser, 11-21. Irvine: Regents of the University of California, 2016.