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  • digital scenography and sound maps for theater play
  • Video, 4 min 13 sec, color, sound An experimental documentary, part of the web project "Women of a Certain Age"
  • "Shapes in Maia" ( Photography )Artist: German GomezComment:
  • "The Real, the Virtual and the We, (re-activating Lygia Clark's The I and the You: Clothing/Body/Clothing, 1967"Artist: Gabriela Aceves SepúlvedaComment:
  • "Touch me"
    The work "Touch me" of Alba D'Urbano from 1995 is an interactive digital video installation where a monitor with touch screen, a video camera and a computer are mounted on a platform. The monitor with the touch screen is visible for the visitors at...
  • It´s a game where you can create your own Environment.
  • Two video projections are confronted on the same screen. The first shows the bodies of African dancers in exultant movements, gradually moving into a trance. The other presents the State’s armed forces: the worrying and repressive face of the police....
  • (in)human sciences -
    “(In)human Sciences” was made for the exhibition Neterotopia, curated by Daniele Balit and Pierre Mertens. During March 2006, my work was displayed in the advertising space of the website of the french newspaper Libération. The exhibition was also...
  • (Tommy Franks) Dérive QuebecArtist: Paul DeMarinisComment:
  • (W)orld Currency -
    "This artwork illustrates a global currency through the creative formulation of an equation and a trading algorithm for the currency exchange market. The visionary creation of algorithmic trading combines art with the material that governs...