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  • Memory Theater VR is an example of a virtual museum that embodies original architectural, interface and visualization strategies that converge the experience of real and virtual formations. The installation itself is set inside a cylindrical space,...
  • conFIGURING the Cave -
    ConFIGURING the CAVE is a computer based interactive video installation that assumes a set of technical and pictorial procedures to identify various paradigmatic conjunctions of body and space. The work utilises the CAVE technology stereographic...
  • Octopus -
    A large inflatable structure in form of an octopus was inflated inside the museum - the people there dragged about and entangled themselves in its long tentacles (25m). The work was made for the start of activities by de Stichting.
  • Pneutube -
    A large transparent inflatable tube the public could enter and which, depending on the context of presentation, functioned as an expanded cinema and performance environment, playful interactive space and architectual corridor.
  • Black Airground -
    A row of three large parachutes were fixed around their perimeter to the floor and continuously inflated with air. A light bulb above each parachute was the only illumination in the installation, and they were individually activated by the pitch and...
  • Supertube -
    A high volume of air was blown from below into a long open-ended polythene tube caused it to flap around wildly in the sky. Smoke and confetti could be added to the air stream.
  • Artificial Landscapes -
    'Artificial Landscapes' were Land Art projects in the form of a series of photographic collages, a few of which were actually realized: Cloud of Daytime Sky at Night, Water Totems, Sandquake, Grassroll and Brickhill. These projects typically proposed...
  • Wind and Rain -
    A room was densely and completely filled with confetti that was being vigorously blown about by big fans. At one point a live elephant was brought into the room and the not realized intention (because the elephant had a cold) was to paint his belly...
  • Grassroll -
    An air-inflated tube covered with synthetic grass was placed on a grass field behind the Stendlijk Museum in Amsterdam where passers by could play with it and in whatever way they wished.
  • Water Totems -
    Air-inflate tubes printed with water imagery were floated as vertical columns in the Sloterplas lake in Amsterdam.