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  • Pneutube -
    Event: PneutubeInstitution: Institute of Contemporary ArtComment:
  • Octopus -
    Event: OctopusInstitution: Stedelijk MuseumComment:
  • MovieMovie -
    Event: MovieMovieInstitution: St. George's Arts CentreComment:
  • The Pneu-Written -
    Event: The Pneu-WrittenInstitution: St. George's Arts CentreComment:
  • Formas Computables -
    Exhibition organizated by the Centro de Cálculo of the Complutense University in Madrid, after the first Seminar of Generación Automática de Formas Plásticas
  • C'70 -
    Event: C'70Institution: SchouwburgpleinComment:
  • Tomorrow's World -
    Event: Tomorrow's WorldInstitution: BBC TVComment:
  • Artificial Landscapes -
    Event: Artificial LandscapesInstitution: Kunsthalle HamburgComment:
  • Event: Brighton Festival 1970Institution: Brighton FestivalComment:
  • Holland Pop Festival -
    Event: Holland Pop FestivalInstitution: Kralingse BosComment: