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  • Something Else -
    A contemporary, non-profit independent visual arts initiative that attempts to support Egyptian and international contemporary art.
  • Event: Besides the Screen 19Institution: Besides the ScreenComment:
  • Event: Unseen Festival 2019Institution: Counterpath GalleryComment:
  • Event: Internationales Frauen* TheaterfestivalInstitution: AntagonComment:
  • In-Between -
    Event: In-BetweenInstitution: Magdalena MünchenComment:
  • Event: Magdalena München Saison 2018Institution: Magdalena MünchenComment:
  • Event: Nationhood in DialogueInstitution: Northumbria UniversityComment:
  • Exhibition -
    Event: ExhibitionInstitution: VideoformesComment:
    Event: MUTEK FORUMInstitution: MUTEKComment:
  • SoundCloud Gazing -
    Event: SoundCloud GazingInstitution: /rosa (Zentrum für Netzkunst, Panke Gallery)Comment: