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  • .. The wide spectrum of his research projects includes: media archaeology of Latin America, 3D-modelling of Photogrammetry technology and data-translation into digital media ..
  • .. "Ideally by using these technologies, art should see through them and unveil this imperative role in our society. When it is aesthetically pleasing, the truth doesn’t hurt so much" ..
  • .. "So instead of writing about meaning production, I empower the exploration of meta-meaning processes that arise via self-directed engagement" ..
  • .. his artistic development between research in the humanities, multi-sensory engineering and collaborative practice in the fields of digital art and theatre ..
  • Featured Artist Claudia Robles Angel (new by p_hoffmann)
    How to perceive the imperceptible
  • .. explore the potential of the human body to be an audio-visual instrument ..
  • Diana Domingues, a pioneering artist-engineer, scholar, and researcher from Brazil, has impacted and shaped the landscape of electronic art in Latin America. By bridging the realms of intangible culture and rituals within Latin American native...
  • Eduardo Kac, pioneer of multiple art genres like Telematic Art, Transgenic Art and Bio Art, guides us through 40 years of radical changes in the body-technology relationship, offering different approaches on how to reflect the boundaries of human...
  • Elke Reinhuber's work focuses on decision making processes and counterfactual thoughts in media arts. As a decidophobic in her own life, she explores alternative layers of the here and now with immersive environments and expanded photography.
  • .. co-founder of several media art research projects and artist residency programmes, including Art-A-Hack and ThoughtWorks Arts Residency ..