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    Event: BitPartsInstitution: Custard FactoryComment:
  • Scholar: Yulia Tikhomirova
  • As a researcher, I am particularly interested in the role of the expanded narrative (as incorporating an active created or controlled space, cross-disciplinary collaboration and/or multi-sensory engagement, and an active audience encouraged to...
  • Scholar: Cristina Landerdahl
  • Scholar: Berit Hummel
  • Scholar: Janet Jennings
  • Scholar: Catherine Bourne
  • IJWBAA is Pao, aka Paul Hafalla. He is a digital artist and a painter based in Pangasinan, Philippines. His art is inspired by the arts of Rothko (the background), Giacometti (an elongated figure), and Venus de Milo (an armless figure). Through...
  • Artist: Martin NovakComment:
  • Artist: NastPlas (collective)Comment: