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  • Scholar: Yulia Tikhomirova
  • As a researcher, I am particularly interested in the role of the expanded narrative (as incorporating an active created or controlled space, cross-disciplinary collaboration and/or multi-sensory engagement, and an active audience encouraged to...
  • Scholar: Cristina Landerdahl
  • Scholar: Berit Hummel
  • Scholar: Janet Jennings
  • Scholar: Hazel Ellis
  • Scholar: Catherine Bourne
  • Sandra Alvaro is a scholar working on the encounters between art, science and society. Primarily dedicated to contemporary aesthetics, her recent work focuses on how the technological and societal changes from postmodernity affect and have been...
  • IJWBAA, or Paul ‘Pau’ Hafalla, from Manila, Philippines, is a creative visionary from Pangasinan. Driven by a deep passion for artistic innovation, IJWBAA challenges norms and expands creative boundaries. Influenced by Rothko's minimalism, Venus de...