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  • Terra_Arte is a non-profitable company dedicated to promote Contemporary Art, with special reference to Latin American contribution.
  • This electronic game was developed for a big company's birthday party (ABB). There were twenty teams, each equipped with such a game station to enjoy the party guests. The Sensorama offeres three different memory and reaction games for two to
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  • The Blue Station -
    Conceived in collaboration with the French architect Jean Nouvel , won the co m petition to create Paris 's first interactive subway station in the heart of Paris . Funded by the RATP (Parisian Transport Company) this unique project is meant to be a
  • Penny, Simon. Virtual Reality as the End of the Enlightment Project In Virtual Reality Casebook, edited by Carl Eugene Loeffler and Tim AndersonHoboken, New Jersey: Van Nostrand Reinhold Company, 1994.
  • Dinosaurus -
    This KU Theatre for Young people production is another step in the University Theatre's ongoing work with virtual reality technology. Director Patrick Carriere, Bemidji, MN, graduate student, and Mark Reaney professor of theatre & Film teamed
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