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  • Grau, Oliver. Virtuelle Kunst in Geschichte und Gegenwart.. : Dietrich Reimer Verlag, 2001.
  • Frankfurt Bookfair -
    Event: Frankfurt BookfairInstitution: Frankfurt BookfairComment:
  • Event: 2002 Dieter Baacke Award for the "" workshop in the field of Media Art Learning: "I see what you hear" (2nd prizInstitution: f Media Art LearningComment:
  • I'm sorry I made you feel that way (2023) by Martina Menegon is an interactive experience and performative self-portrait exploring new possibilities for empathy and care for our hybrid selves.
  • Tele-Lectures -
    Tele-Lectures - Streaming Service 2001-2004 has a wide range of video documentation of lectures by renowned artists and academics produced in collaboration with well-known partners from the fields of culture and science. Selected...
  • Virtual Book -
    Virtual Book : Augmentation of a real book boosted by semantic text analysis. The Virtual Book (2006) The concept of the book as an interactive knowledge structure was inspired by Marvin Minsky's vision from the early 1990s. He said, "Can you...
  • Audible Collage -
    The audio play "Audible Textcollage" offers a performance in which two electronic reporters, Klara and Rainer, based on AT&T Text-to-Speech, using rule-based AI methods, have a conversation about the book and also provide a book review of the print...
  • Media Art Learning -
    Medienkunst Lernen: Neue Medien im Unterricht Medienkunst Lernen stellt zahlreiche Unterrichtsmodelle ausführlich dar und zeigt auf, wie neue Medien insbesondere in den musisch-kreativen Fächern in verschiedenen Jahrgangsstufen eingesetzt werden...