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  • Alvaro, Sandra. The public sphere in the epoch of the algorithmic hyper-mediation: Fake News, disinformation, misinformation and the commodification of behavior 17 (Nov 2018).
  • Scholar: Hazel Ellis
  • Limitless2023 -
    This interactive real-time artwork comments on the volatility of the stock market and the ephemeral nature of wealth, through an exploration of the intersection of technology, finance and mythology. Harris employs live market data, organising company...
  • website-specific and interactive videos with strange subtitles and other misused YouTube functions. each one based on & using sounds from one category of YT's Audio Library. . . . YouTube’s Audio Library is an archive of 4000 sound effects for anyone...
  • Dioramas of the Divine is a series of abstracted, interactive landscapes inspired by Greek mythology. The triptych creates a unified vision of awe and power, which is divided into three distinct scenes seen from the perspectives of the gods Zeus and...
  • Two Dimensional -
    Two DimensionalArtist: IJWBAAComment:
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    Three DimensionalArtist: IJWBAAComment:
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  • I Just Wannabe An Artist (book 1 & 2)Artist: IJWBAAComment: