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  • Event: Re:Think GAIA festivalInstitution: The Wrong BiennaleComment:
  • Event: Braziers International Film FestivalInstitution: The Wrong BiennaleComment:
  • 56th WoldFest-Houston -
    Event: 56th WoldFest-HoustonInstitution: The Wrong BiennaleComment:
  • Event: 53rd USA Film FestivalInstitution: The Wrong BiennaleComment:
  • Event: "Sensitive Contacts" / Telfair Museum of Art / Jepson Center for the ArtsInstitution: The Wrong BiennaleComment:
  • Event: Festival Canal Connect / Teatros del canal / "Máquina Orgánica"Institution: The Wrong BiennaleComment:
  • Geomart-ut24 -
    Artwork: Geomart-ut24 Technic: Technological Arts, Creative Coding, Geometric Arts Year: 2023 (Exhibited at the 10th Mediations Biennale Asia-Europe) Geometric patterns sometimes appear as a reflection of an order we observe in nature, and sometimes...
  • “falling asleep” is an online interactive and performative virtual self-portrait, a ludic yet introspective journey into the depths of sleeplessness and the artist’s long-lasting struggle with insomnia. Clones of Martina’s body fall relentlessly and...
  • Exhibition -
    Event: ExhibitionInstitution: K11 MuseaComment:
  • Anika Meier. Geoff Davis Biography .