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  • 'Divination: A Romantic Mutiny in a Maelstrom of Data' by Nancy Mauro-Flude. Produced by Contemporary Art Tasmania. The maiden voyage performance of Pyrate Queen and her crew, set sail for the duration of Dark Mofo 10–19 June 2016. Toured in 2017...
  • Campos | Temporales (2022 - 2023) by Paul Hertz is a large-scale architectural video installation created for 150 Media Stream in Chicago, featuring a musical composition by Christopher Walczak during its opening night.
  • Artist: Andy BuchananComment:
  • Dr. Catherine B. Fisher has been an exhibited and published artist for over forty years. She lives in the Sutherland Shire of New South Wales, Australia.
    Her artworks are nationally award-winning & multi-disciplinary - printmaking, digital art, fine...
  • Artist: Aly M. HemdanComment:
  • IJWBAA, or Paul ‘Pau’ Hafalla, from Manila, Philippines, is a creative visionary from Pangasinan. Driven by a deep passion for artistic innovation, IJWBAA challenges norms and expands creative boundaries. Influenced by Rothko's minimalism, Venus de...
  • Scholar: Berit Hummel
  • Scholar: Janet Jennings
  • Scholar: Cristina Landerdahl