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  • Zone IP 2007 -
    Event: Zone IP 2007Institution: Zone IPComment:
  • Manovich, Lev and Nadav Hochman. Zooming into an Instagram City: Reading the Local Through Social Media First Monday (JULY 2013).
  • ZOONE -
    Media environment Shown at Amerlinghaus Vienna (A) in the context of the "Computerkulturtage" When the elephant falls from the tree, the ants die. Zoone- zone, zoo Computer images quickly animate a composition scheme with rhythm changes- Screen 1...
  • My work is transdisciplinary and explores cultural translation, liminality, identity, and public space through a number of media, combining digital art including AI art and NFT art with video art, painting, drawing, photography, printmaking,...
  • Pichler, Cathrin. Zu Territorism von Ruth Schnell In Ruth Schnell: Territorism. Broschüre zur Ausstellung im Kunsthaus Bregenz, edited by Kunsthaus BregenzBregenz: 2002.
  • Weibel, Peter. Zur Geschichte und Ästhetik der digitalen Kunst In Supplementband der Ars Electronica 1984, edited by Karl Gerbel, 1-40. Linz: 1984.
  • Paper accepted, conference canceled due to pandemic.
  • Grau, Oliver. Zur Kunstgeschichte der Virtuellen Realität: Eine Forschungsnotiz Kunstchronik: Monatszeitschrift für Kunstwissenschaft, Museumswesen und Denkmalpflege , no. 7 (1998): 354-355.