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  • The audience is elevated and observes the stage from a low angle, as in an anatomical theater where humans are enveloped by a swarm of inorganic beings. Graphical entities with their own behavioral code. A show for two dancers and digital particles,...
  • [In code] -
    Event: [In code]Institution: Ufer StudiosComment:
  • [In Code] -
    Event: [In Code]Institution: Ufer StudiosComment:
  • [in time time] -
    [in time time] is an installation involving large digital prints and two new media works: a split-screen video titled [8-bits], and a context aware, interactive installation titled [ping-pong-flow]. The pieces are bound together by their related...
  • Patrick, Martin. [in time time] introductory essay to Pat Badani's exhibition Tarble Art Center exhibition catalogue (02.24.2008 2008): 3.
  • [SCD]
    [SCD]Artist: Franz FischnallerComment:
  • [spaces] -
    [spaces]Artist: Mark NapierComment:
  • [the clearing] -
    The Clearing is an interactive installation artwork that focuses on the language of American print media's representation of the Bosnian crisis during the 1993-1994 period based on material culled from the archives of the Oakland Data Center.

  • [V]ote-Auction -
    Voteauction* was a Website which offered US citizens to sell their presidential vote to the highest bidder during the Presidential Elections 2000, Al Gore vs. G.W. Bush.

    Several US States (Missouri, Wisconsin, Chicago, Arizona, Nevada, Caifornia,...
  • Beiguelman, Giselle, ed. _HTTPpix _HTTPvideo Criação e Crítica nas Redes de Imagens. São Paulo: Instituto Sergio Motta, 2010.