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  • Event: ... Krise ist immer...Institution: steirischer herbstComment:
  • Joanne takes at look at Wavefunction and Less Than Three, two interactive sculptures by Rafael Lozano-Hemmer at the Bitforms Gallery in New York City. For story links and more info, visit Distributed by...
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  • Yoshizaki, Kazuhiko and Kohsuke Murata Murata and Kazuya et. al. Kondo, ed. +/- [the infinite between 0 and 1]. : Kiyoshi Hayashi (Esquire Magazine Japan) and Access Publishing Co., 2009.
  • Ryoji Ikeda
    Exploring a new sensorium
    Japanese artist Ryoji Ikeda creates at the extremes of sound, light and mathematics to produce complex transformative works of singular beauty. In Paris last year he projected vast blinding white light up into...
  • Event: (…) Fusion Critique (…)Institution: Observatoire des politiques culturellesComment:
  • (W)orld Currency -
    "This artwork illustrates a global currency through the creative formulation of an equation and a trading algorithm for the currency exchange market. The visionary creation of algorithmic trading combines art with the material that governs...
  • Huhtamo, Erkki. (Un)walking At The Fair: About Mobile Visualities at the Paris Universal Exposition of 1900 The Journal of Visual Culture 12, no. 1 (2013): 61-88.
  • (Tommy Franks) Dérive QuebecArtist: Paul DeMarinisComment:
  • Jorn Ebner. (The Beatles) in Hamburg. Berlin: The Green Box, 2012.