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  • 05 March/10:43 pm -
    05 March/10:43 pm consists of a small, suburban model house on a table, linked to a computer. Looking into one of the windows the viewer discovers a small live projection, floating in the room, showing a person who is collapsed on a chair, with a...
  • 010101
    Cutler, Randy Lee. 010101 Canadian a/r/t 18, no. 3 (Fall 2001): 118-120.
  • Event: 0.7 OPEN ARTInstitution: Le Fresnoy, Studio National des Arts ContemporainsComment:
  • Reisinger, Gunther. 0 oder1? Computerkünstlerische Spiele mit dem binären Zufall In SpielKunstGlück. Die Wette als Leitlinie der Entscheidung, edited by Johann Konrad Eberlein, 181-192. Wien/Berlin: Lit-Verlag, 2011.
  • Timo Kahlen's interactive work of net art /source/ (Postfactual), 2017 invites the viewer to search for reliable sources, for valid ‘facts’, for trusted nodes of information on the internet. A seemingly void, monochrome white surface is all it shows;...
  • /kom.po’ -
    Event: /kom.po’ WATOUComment:
  • Event: //.présence./.techno./.labo.//Institution: TangenteComment:
  • //**Code_UP -
    //**Code_me_UP investigates the role of the code in the meaning construction and the forms of visibility mediated by mobile communication devices.

    In the exhibition space, the audience can capture pictures with cell phones with camera and send...