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  • Young Dancer aged 14;3Artist: Sophie HedderwickComment:
  • On the Road is a unique, annual project initiated in 2014 by the Guan Shanyue Art Museum, Shenzhen, here seen in its 2018 version. The process involves 15 curators, art critics and scholars, from major institutions, art schools and museums throughout...
  • Cornell, Lauren and Massimiliano Gioni and Massimiliano Hoptman, ed. Younger Than Jesus: Artist Directory. London: New Museum and Phaidon Press, 2009.
  • YOUniverse -
    2008-09 BIACS 3 : 3rd International Biennial of Seville, Andaluz , Spain. YOUniverse : Liquid Views
  • Weibel, Peter, ed. YOUniverse. Sevilla, Granada. Bienal de Arte Contemporàneo de Sevilla.. Sevilla: Fundacion Biacs 3, 2008.
  • Whittemore, Hank. Your Future Self: A Journey to the Frontiers of Molecular Medicine. London, UK: Thames and Hudson, 1998.
  • Davenport, Glorianna. Your Own Virtual Storyworld Scientific American 283, no. 5 (2000): 79-82.
  • Your Self Portrait -
    This project, presented in both a Saint Petersburg factory and museums of the West, is an interaction between spectators and the artist. The artist films each participant and throws their image back at them just as they start to relax in front of the...
  • Your Self Portrait -
    Your Self Portrait, solo project, curated by Zsolt Kozma and Eike Berg, with Anna Balvanyos, Ludwig Museum - Videospace, Budapest, Hungary
  • Your Self Portrait -
    Event: Your Self PortraitInstitution: Palais de TokyoComment: