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  • Bodies INCorporated -
    ... bodies of the week, bet in the deadpools, and enter "dead" or "alive" chat...
  • "An Anecdoted Archive from the Cold War" is an interactive CD-ROM and computer-media installation project that explores the inscription of historical narrative through the process of archive construction. This non-linear index, or narrative features
  • ... Journal of Art and Design in 2015 and 2016. His work is part of the permanent collection...
  • ... Her long-time collaboration (2011-2016) with Dr Kate Sicchio on Hacking the Body 2.0...
  • ... music band Replikas member since 1998. In 2016, Artut founded an audio-visual performance...
  • The Dark Pool -
    Internetproject, have a look at
  • Homefront -
    HOMEFRONT Surveillance, monitoring, and tracking technologies are not only media of control; they are media of self-reflection and self-awareness. There is a reciprocity between the way that control technologies function and the way that identity
  • Under Fire -
    UNDER FIRE is an ongoing art and research project that explores militarization and political violence. It delves into the structural, symbolic, and affective dimensions of armed conflicts: the organization, representation, and materialization of
  • Robo Topobo -
    Robo Topobo brings the improvisation and performative thrill of video games to hands-on modeling and invention. “Robo” is a controller that children can use to save, replay and adjust playback of up to four Topobo recordings. With Topobo a child can
  • Backpacks are a series of physical components with a button knob that can be attached to Topobo Actives to modify the way a recorded motion plays back. For instance, by turning the knob on the Bigger/Smaller Backpack, you can make you recorded