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  • Swanson, Kara. Biotech in Court: A Legal Lesson on the Unity of Science. Los Angeles, London, New Delhi and Singapore: Social Studies of Science, 2007.
  • Legal Tender -
    Legal Tender (1996) was the first Internet telerobotic laboratory. Visitors to were presented with a pair of US$100 bills, one real the other counterfeit. Users could perform experiments on the bills by registering with an
  • Lavoslava Benčić. The virtual thematic route Emil Benčić : from experience to infinity ISEA International. (20): 20-26.
  • living particles (version 59), 2009 Autonomous audio kinetic installation The autonomous audio-kinetic installation consists of small minimalist robotic modules. The modules work autonomously on the basis of solar power, produce sounds and
  • etoy -
    1994-1999 etoy.CORPORATION 1999-2005 etoy.holding etoy was the first streetgang on the internet, a glamourous boygroup consisting of designers, architects, popstars, marketing agents and systems engineers/coders with a strong corporate identity
  • Knowbotic Research investigates in the context of the "war of terror" legal frameworks which inscribe and determine in mostly invisible layers our public fields of action. KR directs the attention away from the dominant layer of represen-tation
  • Contre Temps -
    When Olga Kisseleva was invited to do a performance at Louvre Lens, she analyzed the layout of the museum. The Louvre Lens building, which is made up of several elongated and slightly curved modules, seems both open (to viewing, to interpretation,
  • Manu Luksch, founder of Ambient Information Systems (ambientTV.NET,) is filmmaker who works outside the frame. The "moving" image, and in particular the evolution of film in the digital or networked age, has been a core theme of her works.
  • framework f5x5x5 -
    Framework is a kinetic light sculpture constituted by five modules. Each of these modules is constituted of 5 horizontal and 5 vertical square elements, establishing a grid of 5x5x5 =125 frames. This resolution writing is present in the project
  • Faceless -
    The FACELESS Project interrogates the culture of surveillance by redeploying authentic CCTV images recorded in London, the most surveilled city on Earth. These images are heavily inscribed by laws relating to privacy and freedom of information, and