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Here: Facet that contains keywords (concepts) to describe technological aspects of artworks.

More broadly: The general application of science and related disciplines, typically to commercial or industrial objectives, often with the implication of mechanical, electronic, or computerized components.

falling asleep
Martina Menegon
I'm sorry I made you feel that way
Martina Menegon
Affective Enactive Rituals and The Naturalization of Technologies: “between the body and calculation, trance and algorithm
Diana Domingues
Orbic Field s03
Victor Acevedo
Orbic Field s02
Victor Acevedo
Orbic Field s06
Victor Acevedo
ORBIC Field v72
Victor Acevedo
Phantom Waves
George Legrady
Harmonic Motion
Alba Triana
it feels like home
Martina Menegon
Uncertain Space
Agueda Simó
Random Rhetoric/Ars Electronica
Yiannis Melanitis