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The Archive of Digital Art expands its field and includes scholars in its documentation. Scholars are invited to become members of the online community and set up their own ADA entry!

Scholars have the possibility to upload publications and text pdfs, announce upcoming events, post comments, document exhibitions, conferences and other relevant events and be represented in the Archive.

The community features also allow the active exchange of professional information with peers and the new “Light box” tool facilitates the examination and comparison of images for research and teaching.

To ensure a high academic standard 5 published articles and/or curated exhibitions are requisite for scholars to become members of the ADA community. Interested scholars may apply for an account here.

Featured Artist/Scholar

Maurice Benayoun
Born in Mascara, Algeria in March 1957, from a father killed before his birth in the Algerian independence war. He moved to France in 1958, following his mother and his brother, to live in popular suburbs in north Paris where the family stayed

Works (139), Literature (58)


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